So who are you exactly?

Hai! I'm Skyla, or "Sky" for short. Currently I am a hobbyist programmer who likes to make random projects in my free time and learn new things along the way.

I have had a decently long time working in primarily Python with a variety of frameworks within it. Recently started to pick up other languages such as JavaScript but am still in a fairly early stage of learning at the moment.

Other than programming I like to spend "waste" most of my time playing video games, such a surprise I know right. A few personal favourites are Portal, Hitman and Minecraft. As you can tell I have a bit of a bias towards puzzle styled games.

Also have a YouTube and Twitch channel but lets not talk about that ._.

I'd like to contact you!

If you would like to contact me there are a number of helpful links you can find under the "Contact" section of this website.