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Here you can find a full archive of questions I have been asked over on the NGL website from the wonderful cuties on Twitter.

If you wish to ask me a question to be answered you can sometimes find me answering them over on my Twitter! :3

Twitter (@SkylaDev)

  • i will fuckign kiss you
  • Not if I fuckign kiss you first >:3
    *mmmwah* hehe
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  • skyladorable
  • Who sent this, I need you to know you are more adorable :3
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  • i'm so lonely. wish i could spend time with someone like you...
  • Aww thankyou hehe.
    Wish I could too ^-^
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  • UwU?
  • More of a ^w^ person but for you
    UwU hehe
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  • Skylawyla how are youwu?
  • Hewwo I am vewwy tired and sweepy hehe :3
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  • i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you
  • I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too
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  • wassssssssssssup :3
  • Wasssssssup hehe :3

    Also not allot I'm very sleepy >~<
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  • Hi! I just followed because I got recommended your account and you seem cool! Would love to chat sometime but I don't wanna like invade dms or be weird and stuff lol.
    So uh take this as a nice to meet you!
    Even if it's anonymous idk what my point is here uh hi!
  • Hai it's okie dear, I'm always happy to talk to people, feel free to message me hehe Nice to meet you too! :3
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  • Adorable precious amazing cutiepie prettie sweetheart beautiful gorgeous princess skyla :3
    ud never know who did this >:3
    it was totally not kaizo!
  • >w< hehe Ty totally not Kaizo, ya pretty cutiepie of pure adorableness πŸ’œ
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  • You ever just
  • Nah I usually just
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  • sonic 2 or sonic 2 movie
  • Haven't been able to watch the movie yet so im not sure I can give an opinion on this haha
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  • hello love of my life i just have one important question for you

    does pineapple belong on pizza?
  • Hello hon, I would have to say no since both of us dont like it hehe.

    Also if we put it on pizza where would SpongeBob live hehe
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  • Hey skyla
    Youre adorable, wonderful and a sweetheart!
    Youre an awesome girl and I love you <3
    P.s guess who this is, it shouldnt be hard :3
  • Jfjdhsb haiii ily2 ya cutie patootie munchkin hehe πŸ’œ
    All those things right back at you :3

    Hmmm again I'm almost certain which cutiepie sent this but not fully sowwy πŸ₯Ί
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  • Do you think am pretty, cute, and adorable? You'll never guess who sent this! >:3
  • Hmmm I would say more omega pretty, cute and adorable hehe πŸ’œ

    Also I think I know who you are but not 100% certain sowwy >~<
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  • meowmeow
  • meow meow nya~ <3
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  • not sure what i should say, so i'll just say that you're one big cutie <3
  • Hehe Ty, and so are you and everyone who sees this, you are all massive cuties hehe :3
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  • Your a keeper. I'm glad I'm your friend πŸ¦ŠπŸ–€πŸ’™
  • Awww likewise for youe, love y'all to bits hehe πŸ’œ
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  • nutella or jelly?
  • Depending on which jelly.

    US id go with Nutella since Im not a fan of jelly

    UK I'd go Jelly since I have a slight allergy to chocolate

    (Over here in the abyss we call American jelly jam and we call Jello Jelly, it's wierd ik)
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  • hiii *huggggg*
  • Haiii ily2 hehe ^w^
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  • Do you think that the world would be a better place if everything from the internet was deleted and they only let Scott the Woz do videos
  • Please no hate but I have never actually watched Scott the woz so I would have to say maybe but not sure for this one...
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  • What is your favourite animal?
  • Cats with fox's being a close second :3
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  • hi lol
    minecraft or minecraft
    from @realtnunamed
    yes its not anonymous
  • Hewwo!

    Hmm hard decision I think I would go with... Minecraft. :3
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  • You are cute -from: Theacutenya
  • Awww fsushdbd so many adorable cuties calling me cute imma explode hehe

    You are super cute too @TheaCuteNya πŸ’œ
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    EVERYBODY IS ADORABLE!!!!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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  • Skyla, I has question. Am I a coot catboy?
  • Hmmm I prefer the word adorable more ya cutie patootie hehe ^w^
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  • I'm so sorry, but you're very cute and awesome.
    Facts don't care about your feelings!

  • Aww okie well only if you say so. πŸ’œ

    Also someone gotta tell me how you do that little p face at the bottom lol
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  • you are based
  • And so is everyone else here, Ty hehe :3
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  • yeah you're not cute, you're actually adorable. major difference.
  • Aww Ty, so are you hehe! <3
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  • make a video game - talha
  • Wouldn't even know where to begin with making a game haha
    Would be a fun project to try at some point when I have some free time though.
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  • im sorry but youre not cute
  • Well you heard it here first, guess I'm officially not cute!
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  • why wont you leave me alone
  • Might be easier to answer if I knew who you were tbh...
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  • Hi! Ur really pretty
  • Aww stahp it hehe πŸ₯Ί

    By you know who else is super pretty, you ^-^
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  • how are u so dang cute all the time u adorable precious cute anazing sweet kind catgirl cutie skyla? :3 - totally not kaizo hehe :3
  • Hmmm have no idea who sent this one in, I'm just trying to be like some of my adorable and omega cute friends like the amazing Kaizo hehe πŸ’œ
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  • *kiss*
  • Mwah hehe >w<
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  • U supah coot! ^w^
  • Aww Ty hehe, just like you and all the other wonderful cutiepies who see this ^w^
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  • umm idk what should i say exactly, so i'll just say this:
    you're adorable and ily <3
  • Awww thankyou dear, love you too ya adorable cutiepie hehe ^w^
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  • opinion on the s p l a t o o n t w o l e t s p l a y s by eggman?
  • Uhhh never heard of it...?
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  • You're the cutest, sweetest, most incredible person I've ever met and I love you to death <3
  • Feel like I know who sent this one in hehe
    All those things right back at you, love you too ya adorable snugglebun! πŸ’œ
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  • What the dog doin?
  • Been pondering this exact question for 2 years 4 months and 7 seconds now and I think I finally know now what the dog was doin.
    They were... wait why are there federal agents outside my house...?
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  • pokemon?
  • Never really was interested in PokΓ©mon, closest thing I have seen to it was PokΓ©mobs by element animation haha.
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  • owo, uwu or >w<
  • >w<
    (Also like using ^w^ and ^-^)
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  • You're an adorable, cute snugglebug <3
    Yeah I know, veeery anonymous ehe :3
  • Aww so are you ya very anonymous cutiepie πŸ’œ
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