Projects I have worked on:

Here is a listing of most of the projects I have worked on.
Most of these can be found over on my GitHub.

GitHub (@SkylaDev)

You are here, this is my website, Hello come on in out of the cold and have a nice cup of tea! :3

Yuri PyBot
2018 - Present

A simple a free to use multipurpose Discord bot designed for image generation, in chat games and much more.

3D Craft
2022 - Present

A vanilla style Minecraft resource pack that aims to make some models more 3D.

2023 - Present

A joke Operating system made in Python with PyGame. Made as a joke and homage to an old high school scratch project of mine.

2021 - Present

Originally named "PogLink", Linkey is a simple URL shortener service originally made as a programming challenge.

Mumbo Clock
2019 - 2021

Originally made in Python with PyGame but later ported to Rainmeter, Mumbo Clock is a Desktop clock widget based off the Mumbo Clock from ElyBeatMaker's Outro Time song.

Discord better help

An extension module for that adds a modified version of the help command that contains some nicer functionality including embed menu's, more command specific info and pagination using reactions.

2021 - Present

Python extension module for PIL (Pillow), it aims to add a variety of small pre-made functions for easy image edits.

2021 - 2022

One of the first Python modules I created and released to the Python packaging index, minesweeperPy allows you to easily generate minesweeper grids using a set of manual or pre-set settings.