Programmer and professional dumbass.

Certified "uh" - Stargirl

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About me:

Programmer and professional dumbass.

she/her 🏳️‍⚧️

Hai! I'm Skyla, or "Sky" for short (Or as some just call me "SkylaDev").

Currently im a hobbyist programmer who likes to make random (and sometimes questionable) projects in my free time and learn new things along the way.

I mainly work in Python and have long experience working with the language, however I also like to dabble in other languages like JS and LUA. (Even though I may not be very good with them hehe)

I love hugs, everything cats (especially Pusheen), the color purple, lofi/vapourwave music and nature! 🐈 💜 🎵 🌳 :3

So what else do you do?

Good question (Nosey little sh-)

When not programming I like to spend "waste" most of my time playing video games. (I know... surprising right!?)
A few personal favourites of mine include Portal, Hitman and Minecraft.
(As you can tell I have a bit of a bias towards puzzle styled games.)

Outside of gaming I also own a small YouTube channel, this is where I post random content from time to time.
For the most parts the videos tend to be silly ideas that I randomly get while working on something else.
Many hours I have spent editing silly and dumb things in a Hitfilm Express window let me tell you hehe.

Adorable friends:

Adryd Fleepy April Kaitlyn

More cool things:

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